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Summer Internship Program for Teens 

The six-week paid summer internship at AHB offers an immersive experience where interns develop invaluable skills. Within the boat shop, interns engage in hands-on learning, honing their craftsmanship through apprenticeship-style guidance. They contribute to building projects, applying their newfound knowledge in practical applications. Additionally, they play a pivotal role in mentoring younger participants during camps and on-the-water activities, fostering a sense of community for participants.

Pre-requisite: Completion of AHB RAFT Program,

On-the-Water Program or Tradeworks.

June 17-August 4th

Intern Responsibilities: 


Assisting with Building Projects: You will actively participate in ongoing boat building projects, providing support as needed. This may involve preparing materials, assisting in construction tasks, and contributing to the overall progress of the projects under the guidance of experienced craftsmen.


Youth Program Support: You will assist in organizing and facilitating youth programs, including camps and on-the-water activities. This role will require interacting with younger participants, providing guidance, and ensuring their safety and enjoyment during program activities.


Mentoring and Supervision: You will act as a mentor and role model for younger participants, fostering a positive and inclusive environment. You will also assist in supervising youth during activities, ensuring adherence to safety protocols and promoting teamwork and collaboration.


Maintenance and Organization: You will assist in maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the boat shop and program areas. This may include cleaning tools and equipment, organizing materials, and ensuring a safe and efficient work environment.


On-the-Water Activities: You will assist in preparing and conducting on-the-water activities, such as launching row boats and ensuring proper safety measures are in place. This may involve assisting participants in boarding and disembarking watercraft, as well as providing basic instruction in rowing techniques.

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