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All Hands Boatworks celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a remarkable event at the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center. Over 140 attendees gathered on Sunday, June 4, to commemorate the occasion and witness the launch of nine new boats.


Bevins's Skiff

Launching their Boats

The highlight of the event was the unveiling of six Bevin's Skiffs, which were constructed by students from various schools in the Milwaukee area and participants in AHB's Buildings & Boat job skills training program. The students involved in each boat-building project had the opportunity to row their newly crafted vessels. Check out each of them below.



Academy of Excellence



Mary Queen of Saints Catholic Acedmey


Adolescent Cruiser

Craig Montessori


Pride Purpose Hope

Buildings & Boats Program


Dream Weaver

Pathways High School

DSC_0471 (1).jpg

Jose David

Notre Dame School of Milwaukee


The celebration also featured the christening of three additional boats: the 24' WHITE SWAN Team Dory, the 13' McSKIFFY motor skiff, and the 17' skin-on-frame canoe.


All Hands Boatworks expressed its gratitude to the attendees, staff, and volunteers who contributed to the success of the milestone event. Special appreciation was extended to the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center, the co-hosts of the celebration.


With the support received and the accomplishments achieved, All Hands Boatworks eagerly looks forward to another decade of positively impacting the lives of young individuals and fostering connections within communities.

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