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Meet Meghan

  • Position: Director of Youth Programing 

  • Hobbies: Brazilian Jiujitsu, Fantasy Novels & Traveling

  • Fun Fact: Spent four years teaching an ecological & language summer camp in the Russian Far East

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My Story

Education is in my blood. I was born to two Milwaukee Public School teachers who were incredibly passionate and I was fortunate enough to watch the impact they had. I fell in love with teaching when I began to instruct taekwondo during my time in high school. I knew it was what I was meant to do, I just wasn’t always sure in what capacity. Despite my parent’s protests not to follow in their footsteps, I majored in social studies and political science in college because it would set me up well to be a broad field social studies teacher. Then, after a service year with City Year at my neighborhood high school, I committed to the choice and went back for my teaching certification and Masters in Education from Alverno College.

I taught in Milwaukee Public Schools for four years as a high school social studies teacher. I knew our education system was broken and tried my hardest to do what I could for my kids. Despite that, I never felt like I was preparing them to be successful. I worked in an alternative school and for many of my students this was their last chance. This is where I learned a very valuable lesson in what education gets wrong. A four year college isn't for everyone. We need to stop pretending it is. Kids need to be shown the value in skilled trades as they are growing up and be shown there are many paths to success, some of which include opportunities such as trade school, certification programs, manufacturing jobs and community colleges. This realization made me search for a job where I could strive towards the goal of preparing Milwaukee youth for a wage sustaining career path.

My mission is to produce equitable paths to lifelong employability for students and a sustainable pipeline of diverse talent for skilled trades. My position works to deconstruct barriers to entering the skilled trade and coordinates opportunities between schools, industries and partners at All Hands Boatworks.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

414-404-8213 Ext 4

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