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Meet Trent

  • Position: Volunteer Boatbuilding Instructor

  • Hobbies: Boatbuilding, Camping & Art

  • Fun Fact: Was a New York cab driver in the late 70's

    Meet Trent Myers-A Passionate Boatbuilder

    Welcome to our community of dedicated boat enthusiasts, and allow us to introduce you to one of our most remarkable volunteers - Trent Meyers. 

    The Calendar Island Yawl 18

    Currently, you can find Trent Meyers diligently at work in our boatbuilding shop wokring on a Calendar Island Yawl 18. This classic and elegant boat design has captured his imagination, and Trent is meticulously crafting every detail to perfection. His dedication to this project is a reflection of his commitment to preserving the timeless art of traditional boatbuilding.

    A Canoe Craftsman

    In addition to his work on the Calendar Island Yawl 18, Trent has already built four exquisite cedar strip canoes. Each canoe is a testament to his craftsmanship, showcasing not only his technical skill but also his artistic eye for creating functional works of art that can gracefully traverse the water.

    The Great Outdoors Enthusiast

    When Trent isn't immersed in boatbuilding, you'll often find him exploring the great outdoors. He's an avid camper who cherishes the serenity of spending nights under the stars. Trent is also passionate about kayaking, which complements his love for boats perfectly. Whether he's gliding along tranquil lakes or navigating adventurous rivers, he finds solace and inspiration on the water.

    Trent Meyers is not just a volunteer; he's a guardian of the maritime heritage, a craftsman dedicated to perfection, and an explorer of the natural world. His love of boats is not merely a pastime; it's a lifelong passion that he shares with our community. We are fortunate to have Trent as a part of our team.

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