“This initiative is beautifully simple in its design- very cohesive-and brings together so many life skills in its execution. It is compact and neat in that way and so very real life. We get a daily onslaught of bad news in the city and it usually leads to the same handwringing and despair. This initiative brings youth and adults together to learn and work together-to act. To build relationships and a boat at the same time, learning a whole lot along the way.”

~ Ann Brummitt, Co-Director, Milwaukee Water Commons Project

* Are you a master craftsperson, a novice, or somewhere in between?

* Do you care about helping young people succeed and grow?

* Are you a retired teacher who is, frankly, un-retire-able?

* Do you enjoy working with your hands?

Volunteer Instructors– AHB is looking for Volunteer Assistants for our programs and operations. Volunteer Instructors work alongside our Lead Instructors in our educational boatbuilding and after-school builders’ clubs. The instructor/student relationship is a cornerstone of our programs and can be a very gratlfymg experience. We ask for a regular commitment (certain days or times of day) so that you can be integrated meaningfully into the program and with the students.

Volunteer Hands– Assist with boat building, repairs, and various other projects as we work together to build a great organization.

Volunteer ApprenticePREP Mentors

Social Media Guru– Looking for a self-starting volunteer who has experience and creativity to help us chronicle and share our stories with the world.

Special Events and Projects– AHB is always looking for individuals with an interest in planning events.

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