All Hands Boatworks, Inc. is a Wisconsin 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded in 2013. AHB ‘s mission is to build character, career opportunities, and hope in Milwaukee’s urban, disadvantaged youth through wooden boat building, work experiences, and on-water activities that foster youth development, educational success, and workforce preparation. Through highly collaborative after-school, in-school, and summer programs, All Hands Boatworks is focusing on narrowing the achievement gap, accelerating learning for middle and high school students, and providing youth more opportunities for skilled trades and STEM-related career preparations, and meaningful work.

Professional Partnerships and Certifications

Guidestar (www.guidestar.org)  (we have “silver status”, and I understand there is a way to download our silver “badge” from the guidestar.org website.  I may have to help with that)

SEWCTCLOGOsmallSoutheast Wisconsin Carpentry Training Center
Building To Teach  (buildingtoteach.com)
 Teaching with Small Boats Alliance
Teaching With Small Boats Alliance (www.teachingwithsmallboats.org)
Antique and Classic Boat Society (https://acbs.org/ )