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The Southeast Wisconsin Carpentry Training Center provides the necessary industry-recognized training for enterprising men and women to begin a career in the well-paying occupations of carpentry, cabinet making, millwrighting, floor covering, interior systems, and pile driving.  All Hands Boatworks, Inc. and SEWCTC are working together to create innovative programming for young people who show a commitment to acquire the vocational training and workforce preparation needed to be accepted into the journeyman apprenticeship program.




 All Hands BoatWorks is proud to be a certified member of the Building To Teach national instructors’ guild, and we are excited to bring this project to the Milwaukee area. Building To Teach is the outgrowth of more than 18 years of success at the Alexandria Seaport Foundation in Alexandria, Virginia, where young people learn practical math through traditional boat building. Building is a natural use of math. Building To Teach is an experiential framework for learning that uses the hands-on building process to help students improve their math skills and also get on a path to work-readiness.


Teaching with Small Boats Alliance


All Hands BoatWorks is a member of a growing network of more than 50 organizations and programs in the U.S. and Canada that strive to teach math and other essential skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking, in a fun and cooperative environment. The TWSBA goal is to instill in students the values of scholarship, citizenship, personal responsibility, self-discipline and a sense of accomplishment through the study of maritime arts, history and science.



Building to Learn Consortium


The Building To Learn Consortium was launched in July 2014, and it is comprised of Milwaukee-area educational leaders, schools, and skilled trades professionals. AHB is a member of the Consortium. The B2L Consortium envisions a new model of secondary education focused on preparing students for skilled trade apprenticeships and other STEM-related high demand careers. The Consortium has identified five core principles—called Five Integrations– for the new model’s design:

* The integration of head and hand in learning experiences.

* The integration of experts and novices in design and production projects.

* The integration of school with surrounding communities and workplaces.

* The integration of academics and career exploration.

* The integration of learners across boundaries of socio-economic class, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and academic aptitudes and experience.




All Hands Boatworks is grateful for the support of the Glacier Lakes Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society.  In part, the mission of the ACBS is to promote the preservation and enjoyment of antique, classic, and special interest watercraft of all types, both powered and non-powered.



Our Supporters

All Hands Boatworks is extremely grateful for generous support from many individuals, foundations, businesses, and organizations. Together, we are building our youth. Together, we are building more than a boat!

Foundation, Business, and Organizational Supporters

  • AW2 Logistics
  • Forest County Potawatomi Foundation
  • Four-Four Foundation
  • Fox Family Fund
  • Glacier Lakes Chapter – Antique and Classic Boat Society
  • Glenora Company
  • Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors
  • Greater Milwaukee Foundation
  • Herzfeld Foundation
  • Johnson Level & Tool Co., Inc.
  • Kiwanis Foundation (Mary Chyla Wish Fund)
  • Mequon-Thiensville Optimist Club, in memory of John Grasse*
  • Messmer Foundation
  • MPS Partnership for the Arts & Humanities
  • Prairie Springs: The Paul Fleckenstein Charitable Trust
  • WE Energies Foundation
  • Weiss Family Foundation
  • Zimmerman Architectural Studios


Individual Supporters (* denotes Founding Charter Member)

  • Anonymous
  • Jennifer Abraham
  • Lauren Baker
  • Janet Baker*
  • Phil and Linda Baker*
  • Norma Balentine
  • Terry Batson
  • Belle Bergner
  • Katherine and Bill Biersach
  • Owen Boyle
  • Alexa Bradley
  • Maggi and Mike Brauer
  • Bruce Brewer
  • Robert “Robo” Brumder*
  • Thekla B. Brumder Fund
  • Ann Brummitt*
  • Thomas Daub*
  • Anne Desellier
  • Frances DiMenna
  • Scott and Debra Donovan
  • Donna Dowe
  • Fran Durkin
  • Myra Edwards
  • Katie F. Falk
  • Katherine Falk*
  • Jim Fleming
  • Tom and Mary Frank*
  • Michael Franks*
  • Pastor Ellsworth & Kay Freyer*
  • Amy Gardner
  • Lindsey Gardner
  • Kimberly Gleffe
  • Dennis Grzezinski
  • Bonnie Halvorsen
  • Charles Hausmann
  • Jim Heyer*
  • Peter and Sue Hitler*
  • Joseph and Louise Hoffman II
  • Martin Horning
  • Betsy Horsfield*
  • Adam Jahnke
  • Caroline Joyce*
  • Dave and Pam Keel
  • Edward and Lois Kinsfogel
  • John Kissinger
  • Sharon Koziczkowski

  • Michelle Kramer
  • Leigh Kunde
  • Melanie Levin
  • John and Dixie Lowin
  • Thomas McGinn*
  • Freesia McKee
  • Catherine Miller
  • Sarah Milnar McLaughlin
  • Colleen Mortonson*
  • Terry Murphy
  • David and Carolyn Nahrwold
  • Liz Nelson
  • Steve and Amy Nelson
  • Bruce and Jeanne Nemovitz
  • William Nimke*
  • Paul and Chris Oehler
  • Robert and Sonja Pavlik*
  • Joe Peterangelo
  • Jim and Ann Piatt
  • Natalie Rix
  • Adam Rix*
  • Lynn and Paul Rix*
  • Bridgid Roark
  • Kelly Ruschman
  • Allan Montezon* and Stephanie Sandy*
  • Randall Sawicki
  • Robert Schley
  • Anne and Mark Schoenenberger
  • Amalia Schoone
  • Bryan S. Schultz*
  • Susie Stein*
  • Tom Stock*
  • Terry and Elsbeth Stuhlmacher
  • Catherine Sullivan
  • Janja Taylor
  • Peter Voth
  • Shirley Warber
  • Joseph Weisling*
  • Fred Young
  • Meridith Young
  • Steven Zbaida
  • Steve and Sarah Zimmerman*
  • Gerald and Rachel Zvara